Low Pressure

Injection Overmolding

The overmolding process starts with a base object and an encapsulating compound. The product to be overmolded is inserted into the cavity of a custom designed metal enclosure and a metered molten plastic compound is injected. The compound fills the empty space surrounding the product, forming the negative shape of the mold. Within seconds the material has cooled and the part is ready for shipment or secondary processing.


Protect wires and connectors from strain, vibration, and abrasion by molding a casing around the component.

Circuit Encapsulation

Low pressure molding offers fast processing, increased throughput, and a lower price vs traditional protection technologies.

Assembly Unitization

Elimination of housings increases product quality and durability while reducing cost, part numbers, and inventory.

Moldman 8200 Front
ND utilizes top of the line equipment from Moldman Systems

Reasons to Overmold

Reduce manufacturing steps

Reduce part weight

Reduce cycle time

Reduce material consumption

Reduce equipment & operations footprint

Reduce total cost of ownership

Moldman 8200 Back

One-stop shop for injection overolding. ND is here to meet your production needs.

Why Choose ND?

Since 1955, ND Industries has developed high-quality materials and processes for industrial, automotive, military, and aerospace applications. Our services are trusted by customers the world over.


Mold/Die Design

A high-quality part requires a high-precision mold. ND designers and engineers utilize their experience in CAD and CNC machining to develop tooling necessary for use in our equipment or for purchase.


ND’s in-house design engineering group will communicate through all project stages until the desired result is acheived. We provide customers with unmatched personlized service and support.


For over 60 years, ND has invested in the best equipment and employees to better service our customers. Our balance of quality and speed make us leaders in our industry.

LinearGS provides automation, inspection, and system integration solutions that fulfill your requirements of speed, reliability, functionality, and quality demanding zero non-conformances. With over 30 years of experience in mechanical design and design conceptualization, Linear GS creates viable, functional, and cost effective manufacturing and assembly solutions.

Feeder Bowl

Feed Systems

LGS is a leader in world class part delivery systems including part material handling, bulk feeding, and custom automation for complex part placement. Our systems are used globally in the aerospace, automotive, and electronic industries to feed nuts, bolts, washers, clips, and parts.


Inspection Systems

LinearGS inspection and sorting machines utilize multiple area scan inspections and can incorporate unique sensors, per your application needs. Independent vision and sensor tests simplify part configuration and troubleshooting.



Our expert staff of engineers and designers can take your ideas, sketches, or specifications and turn them into a 3D CAD file. From this file, we’ll create your prototype, production part, jig or fixture.

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We're here to help. Get in touch with our ND Industries customer service team to learn more about the services we provide and how we can save your company time and money. 

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